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The Danish Wang Hanzhi wins award for performers with masterful interpretation of “The Wood of music” with the string orchestra conducted by M° Molinelli


Interpretation passionate and technically flawless, a remarkable stage presence in the spectacular setting of the string orchestra of the Conservatory of Pescara: Hanzhi Wang, Chinese with Danish passport, is the winner of the 40th Prize for concert of Castelfidardo. The proclamation, in a crowded theater Astra which held its breath until the opening of the envelopes, even if the thermometer of the applause had been eloquent in underlining the open stage the female candidate than the two antagonists Russians. A suspense almost “Oscar Night” as he jokingly told the teacher Roberto Molinelli, author of the beautiful compulsory piece “The forest music”: a composition divided into two sections by the same theme, one more melodic and romantic a rhythm inspired by the tango. “A great atmosphere, a very high which made it difficult to choose,” remarked the same Molinelli also in the role of jury president. Beyond the names of the winners and the obvious success of the entire Russian school that was imposed in five categories, it has been an issue with all the trimmings, a forty-year very special, honored artists with thick, a jury excellent competitors records in terms of numbers and quality, an industry skillfully exploited, an entire city involved. “We have tried to offer the best”, the synthesis of volcanic artistic director Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi, who expressed his gratitude for the opportunity given to a dream come true, for the extremely professional organization, for the work of each gear and recalled the importance agreements with other international organizations that allow you to expand the effects of Pif, valicandone time and boundaries. Establishing themselves here, talented young people have won scholarships and / or awards concert in Mons (Belgium), Kragujevac (Serbia), Alcobaca (Portugal), Montmagny (Quebec), Moscow (Russia), Ponte de Sor (Portugal ) as well as applauded were the winners of Novi Sad (Serbia), Kurgan (Russia) and Alcobaca (Portugal) that have played here during the aperitif concerts and special prizes offered by the Chamber of Commerce of Ancona at the best classified of the countries of Adriatic macro. A team game, which emphasized the Mayor Mirco Soprani. “The world is found here, and I think as never before it has had a strong perception, there was an atmosphere of participation, enthusiasm and cross satisfaction that fills us with pride,” he said collecting tangible signs of appreciation: large crowds, a night of music on Saturday has done a bang, tourist facilities full, an issue marked by innovations that have given momentum effective. Authentic emotions experienced Astra, where for the first time in history has experienced a final live as befits the most renowned Festival. Notes sometimes disruptive and sometimes moving “Il Bosco music”, a song dedicated to Tonino Guerra, compose a melody pointing straight to the heart already elected on the field as the soundtrack of the city.

The results



Admitted to the final
Wang Hanzhi (Denmark)
Strokovskiy Arseniy (Russia)
Stupnikov Vladimir (Russia)

Category A

Soloists up to 12 years (born from 2003 onwards)
1) Ante Selak (Croatia)
2) Rugsveen Mathias (Norway)
3) Janko Kiara (Croatia)

Category B

Soloists up to 15 years (born from 2000 onwards)
1) Yarinenko Petr (Russia)
2) Armasar Stepan (Russia)
3) Cvetanovic Aleksa (Serbia)

Category C

Soloists up to 18 years (born from 1997 onwards)
1) Rodion Shirokov (Russia)
2) Scolletta Lorenzo (Italy)
3) Riabin Konstantin (Russia)

Category D

Soloists without age limit
1) Kryshtaleva Anna (Russia)
2) Vernarelli Alberto (Italy)
3) Bratasz Krzysztof (Poland)

Category E

Chamber music ensemble of accordions no age limit
1) Bb Duo (Russia)
2) Kronos Trio (Italy)
3) MaxBy duo (Poland)

Category F

Chamber music (chamber ensembles of accordions and other instruments)
1) Expecto Trio (Russia)
2) Aldo Duo (Poland)
3) Creative Quintet (Poland)

Category I

Groups of any age with a minimum of 2 components,
1) Virtuosity Duo (Italy)
2) Symetrio (Poland)
3) Domino ‘(Russia)

Category L

Orchestras, without age limit with minimum of 2 components
1) Accordion Orchestra Kragujevac (Serbia)


Category H

Soloists up to 18 years (born from 1997 onwards)
1) Carabetta Daniele (Italy)
2) Russo Valerio (Italy)
3) Cats Diego (France)

Category I

Soloists without age limit
1) Anatoli Taran (Belarus)
2) Stanislav Gerasimov (Russia)
3) Mahatma Costa (Brazil)


Category N

Soloists age 18 and over
1) not assigned
2) Berti Matteo
3) not assigned

Category O

Ensemble music, with no age limit
1) Galician Voyage (Spain)
2) Bojana and Nikola Pekovic / Aleksandar Jakovljevic (Serbia)
3) Cerseyo (Italy)

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