Presentation of the book by the author

An immersion in a boundless universe of sources to discover the ancestors of today’s accordion, which inspired and generated a real musical literature. A large fresco made up of instruments and a multitude of inventors, builders and musicians, and of their path in the nineteenth-century civilization up to the early decades of the twentieth century, with a look at the current bellows.

September 30, 2022 – 11 am [within the PIF MATINÉE program]

Castelfidardo, Salone degli Stemmi



The presentation deals with – with great detail and sometimes tasty anecdotes – the ancestors of today’s accordion, or those precursors who inspired and generated a real musical literature: Physharmonika, bellows harmonica (accordèon diatonique), English and German concertina, harmonium , bandoneòn, harmoniflute, Schrammel-harmonika, up to the “semidiatonic” accordions and the first “unitonic” accordions.
A large fresco of stories relating to a large “extended” family of instruments and models, but also and above all a multitude of people: craftsmen, inventors and builders, musicians – performers, composers and teachers. Based on the authentic roots of these instruments, their path will be deepened through an overview of the nineteenth-century civilization, to get to the first decades of the twentieth century, also throwing a look at the modernity of current bellows. All this is proposed not only from a historical and organological point of view, but above all from a musical / analytical point of view, concretely presenting numerous images, various extracts of period scores, but also proposing to listen to many of the music that these instruments spread a little worldwide.

Alessandro Mugnoz, obtained the Diplomas of Choral Music and Choir and Accordion Conducting, also attending courses in Composition, Electronic Organ, Jazz Music and Multimedia Music Didactics. He studied with A. Volpi, L. Puchnowski, M. Bonnay; G. Marcosignori and S. Di Gesualdo. Since the early 1980s he has carried out concerts, as a soloist and in chamber groups; significant activity with his quartet “A. Foxes “. Intense didactic activity (accordion and various other theoretical subjects) at various schools and musical institutes, including the ISSM “G.B. Pergolesi ”of Ancona (AFAM); currently he teaches at the “Vecchi-Tonelli” Conservatory of Modena. Active as a composer, transcriber and reviewer, he has created several didactic works and works for solo accordion and for various ensembles, partly published. He has made various radio and television recordings, also for RAI, as well as CDs (RARA and PRENDINOTA labels). He has collaborated and collaborates with various magazines, including on the WEB, writing various articles, reviews and essays on accordion literature, teaching, history and culture. From 2008 to 2014 he was President of the historic Nuovo CDMI association, promoting and curating national reviews and various seminars. He is currently Director of the International Accordion Museum of Castelfidardo.