The colors of World Music open the PIF 2017

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It is over the heterogeneous and polychromic notes of world music that the International Accordion Award of Castelfidardo honors its official launch.

Introduced by the concerts-preview of the #PIFunderground and #PIFaround events, baptized by the charism of Dario Vergassola and ideally linked to the World Cup just ended in Osimo last Sunday, gathered by the witness, enters the heart of its 42nd edition. This day – Thursday 14 – is the first day of auditions (from 9.00 am in Piazza della Repubblica and Auditorium San Francesco), dedicated to the category that has risen in exponential years in recent years. “It continues to grow both in terms of concert proposals and in numbers,” says artistic director Christian Riganelli. “In this sense, the choice to renew the formula by including the soloist…section of world music is rewarding: we have over thirty musicians and groups from Belarus, Finland and Russia, as well as many italians who will bring color, folklore and cultural experiences. ” Around the central and historic core of the PIF itself, which has 260 participants, 37 members of the international jury chaired by M° Aangelo Biancamano, develops a transversal program.

Everything is interwoven in the sound art corners, the seven sound islands scattered around the historic center where anyone can freely express their creativity; the music also comes aboard #PIFbus, typical bus of the seventies that has in “Porta Marina” its terminus; Soloists and Duo will perform there. World music range …. family, because the location chosen for the evening show of 21.30 (9.00 pm) is the Piazza della Repubblica (the main place of Castelfidardo) where the winners of the day will get the prizes and the brilliant and Alessandro Gaudio will plays with his Ethno World Project.

Originating from Cilento, the young and talented world champion of the organ is characterized by skill and technical speed; he’s the leader of the band he founded for the purpose of enhancing the sounds of his land. The repertoire draws on the traditions of southern Italy, with folk songs enlivened by both male and female voices and distinct ethnic tracks of the “diatonic” repertoire.

Just 27 years old, Gaudio has already earned a number of awards (twice on the highest pitch of the podium), has performed at international stage and has active projects of various artistic matrices. Paolo Vertullo (piano/keyboards), Gianluca Perazzo (drums), Pasquale Fortunato (bass), Niccolò Rocco (guitar) and Beatrice Fontana (voice) complete the ensemble.

The partymoves to the size of the clubs also: at 10.30pm at the O’Brian Irish Pub in via Marconi, live of the duo voice and accordion Cancu-Sampaolesi; at the OnStage at Via S. Soprani, at 11.30pm the live Bareté Quartet.

All events are with free admission.

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