Gorka Hermosa wins the composition competition

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Nineteen works arrived this year for the classical composition competition, from Ukraine, Italy, Poland, France, Belgium, China, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina. We do not expect so many members in these difficult times, but the real amazing is the very high artistic level as verified by the scores of the first three classified. The winner is Gorka Hermosa, one of the most performed and loved international composers.

Always influential the Jury, chaired by President Frederic Lips (Russia) who certainly does not need information and by extraordinary class composers, concert performers and conductors such as: Franck Angelis (France), Livio Bollani (Italy), Antonio Cericola (Italy), Bete Ilin (Macedonia), Pascale Martinez (France), Petri Makkonen (Finland), Massimiliano Pitocco (Italy), Volodymyr Runchak (Ukraine), Simona Simonini (Italy), Peter Soave (USA).

With the score of 18.61/20, “Dwarves-Tale” won, which we publish the full use, performed without accordion, the complete score and also the detached part for accordion only for the participants of the “Prize” category.

A curiosity about the genesis of the winning work, a piece by Berliner Philarmoniker was commissioned to M° Hermosa for the Spring Festival in Berlin, an event postponed due to the present pandemic. So, The master decided to adapt the initial ideas and orchestration for our contest, by affinity with the current theme of the PIF.

Here’s how M° Hermosa presents his piece: “The piece is a fusion of Mediterranean rhythms and Nordic tradition: it uses some notes of a traditional Turkish melody, many flamenco rhythms, harmonies and textures mixed with some reminiscences of” March of the Nani “by Edvard Grieg and expressionist harmonies and plots of the German post-romantic tradition”.

Second place, with 18.46 / 20, to Zhao Xiaoxiang, from China, student of “Composition of modern electronic music” at the “Central Conservatory of Music” in Beijing. Zhao has written an highly complex piece, just thinking to the first eight pages for musicians interpretation. With the title “SA” the composition means like a prayer, as the author himself indicates: “I hope my music can bring spiritual strength to people”.

In third place, with 18.06 / 20, from Poland, Wojciech Chałupka young saxophonist, already winner of many international competitions for instrument and composer. The song, “Poem of Shadow” is built on the rhythm of a famous Polish folk melody (“Lipka”) reworked with great energy and virtuosity.

Remembering that the winning song will be the final compulsory test of the PIF 2020 PREMIUM category, it will be performed in a world premiere on the final evening of 2020 September, 20th. We are close to the final definition of the 2020 regulation, due to the global pandemic. We were forced to delaying decisions and monitoring the situation, day by day. The next newsletter, within in a couple of weeks, will contain all the details for participation in the PIF 2020.

Stay tuned!

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