FISARMONICA, UN CAPOLAVORO DI INGEGNERIA with Giuseppe Manfredi (Ars Spoletium Publishing & Recording)

Presentation of the book by the author

A book that is aimed at all those who, not content with knowing the accordion only from a musical point of view, also wish to deepen all those technical aspects that are behind the operation and construction of a modern accordion, starting with the reeds.

September 29, 2022 – 9,30 am [within the PIF MATINÉE program]

Castelfidardo, Salone degli Stemmi



The accordion is an engineering masterpiece, according to Giuseppe Manfredi, engineer, researcher, former accordionist, who in his book analyzes the accordion according to the principles of engineering, with particular attention to the voices, offering a study based on scientific instruments placed at the service of an extreme curiosity towards a deeply loved instrument. The discussion moves by deepening technical aspects concerning the operation of different types of reeds, the comparison of characteristics and sound results, the determination of the natural frequencies of the vibration both by means of classical structural analysis and by means of the finite element method (F.E.M.).

Giuseppe Manfredi began studying music, theory and solfeggio, harmony, piano and accordion, at a young age, engaging himself, over the years, in the activities of concert player, transcriber, reviewer and concert organizer. In the early 1980s he participated in the first four classical accordion seminars held by Salvatore di Gesualdo. Graduated in Mechanical Engineering – Machine Tools Address – at the University of Pisa, he specializes in Mechanical Structural Design through the use of FEM programs, 2D CAD and 3D CAD, as project manager and safety expert of machines and industrial plants . Former contract lecturer at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Pisa for the course of Production Systems related to the University Diploma (Bachelor’s Degree) in Mechanical Engineering, he has been involved in accordion for some years, especially from an engineering point of view for the purpose to disseminate and improve both the understanding of the operating principles and the technical and functional characterization.