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testataXFTV is a real online broadcaster with programming available on demand for writers, musicians, producers and fans of the accordion. It ‘a video channel dedicated to talking about quality of private and institutional actors in the world of the accordion, through stories of quality.

Very few musical instruments have the privilege to be played in all parts of the world and to unite not only different lifestyles, but entire cultures united in theaters, in front of audiences and refined together in the streets, in clubs and taverns around the world, to be loved by artists of all races, social classes, gender, and religion. A real flag fto sharing the most important language: the music.

For this reason, we intend to become a global meeting point for all fans of the accordion and for those who wish to learn more about this instrument. [Go to]

  • Tool for telling people, stories and quality products.
  • Chance to share videos, open to individuals, businesses and musicians.
  • Possibility of inserting announcements concerning exchange of products.
  • Possibility of inserting announcements regarding institutional initiatives and events.
  • Photo / video professional low-cost service are available on request.
  • Media and / or marketing campaigns for institutional planning low-cost services offered.
  • Media and / or marketing planning for product campaigns low-cost services offered.
  • Media and / or marketing event coverage
  • SEO / advertising campaigns dedicated projects /How It Works

1) To inform offers a new tool for sharing stories about quality protagonists and products, talking about productive performances and artistic experiences and emotions of people of the accordion world.

2) To share you’ll have the possibility to publish your video for free, just sending the embedding code and a little presentation. Please, contact our editorial staff at this address

3) To produce strategic contents A team of business communication professionals is available for projects dedicated to the promotion and visibility of products, businesses and players. Custom quotes for business stories, where you can mix your best tangible and intangible values​​.

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