Farfisa day, dedicated to a memory and historic travel

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Who does not remember the epic documentary film “Live at Pompei”, one of the most important in the history of rock shot in ’71 by Pink Floyd?

Well the keyboard highlighted by Richard Wright is the compact duo of Farfisa and the largest European company of acoustic and electronic instruments, which the PIF2018 will pays tribute. In fact, the preview of the PIF International Accordion Prize brings together two emblems: the Farfisa and Paolo Soprani. The program of Sunday 9 September is dedicated to the excellence founded in the immediate post-war period and to the founder of the accordion industry: Paolo Soprani. The seventh edition of the Farfisa day is promoted by the homonymous cultural association takes place in Castelfidardo, attracting hundreds of fans even from outside Italy. “The first year was attended by the master Gervasio Marcosignori who was enthusiastic and hoping to repeat this experience constantly – underlines the president Claudio Capponi, (+39 3334987209  for info)-, the Farfisa remains in the heart of us all that we shared the professional reasons and we will retrace the phases with movies and historical images at the Salone degli Stemmi and with the show of some of the most significant moments in the Auditorium of San Francesco “.

Founded in 1946 by the merger of the companies Settimio Soprani of Castelfidardo, Scandalli brothers from Camerano and Frontalini family from Numana (retired after just nine months), FA.R.FISA (Fabbriche Riunite di FISArmoniche, united factories of accordions) , was able to express the best of the artisan tradition, reading the times and seizing the opportunities of the economic boom : reached peaks of 2100 employees, with tools required by 87 countries. High-quality products like the Super VI accordion, the Synth Accordion and the Compact duo, the first two-keyboard organ series, ended up in the hands of the greatest artists and bands of the era. The Auditorium exhibition will be open until Tuesday at 18:00 on Sunday will perform the masters Pino Gulizia (electronic organ Farfisa Pergamon) and Valentino Lorenzetti (electronic accordion).

In the evening, at 9.00 pm at the Astra Theater, free admission, the extraordinary circus and musical shows Fissò Armonikos – Men and accordions, on the other hand, pays a tribute with light notes and bitter tears to the father of the accordion Paolo Soprani, on the centenary of his death.

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