Farfisa day and PIF, excellence meet

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Excellencies meet and compare. The International Accordion Award and the Municipality of Castelfidardo host the eighth edition of Farfisa day, an event that honored the industrial reality that marked an era in the field of musical instruments with cutting-edge products spread across all continents and played by famous artists. Saturday, September 15 at 6.00 pm, in the Auditorium San Francesco, the exhibition curated by Claudio Capponi, president of the Farfisa cultural association, was inaugurated. “The specimens on display tell the story, the quality and the diversification capacity of Farfisa, summarizing all the production: accordions, acoustic guitars, pianos, televisions, harmoniums, synthesizers, electronic organs intended for professionals and for a more domestic use”, Capponi explains. From 1946 to 1998 the FAbbriche Riunite di FISArmoniche born from the union of the giants Settimio Soprani of Castelfidardo, Fratelli Scandalli of Camerano and Frontalini of Numana (who withdrew, however, from the association after a few months), knew how to conquer the markets and reposition themselves by designing innovative and quality models , in line with the times, inspired by the best artisan tradition. The exhibition will be open at these times: Saturday 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm; Sunday from 16:00 to 19:30; Monday and Tuesday 9: 00-13: 00 and 15: 30-19: 30. On Sunday, the Farfisa day brought together enthusiasts, musicians and former employees from seven regions to share a day full of values ​​and experiences, bringing not only the unforgettable years of the boom but also the memory to the heart and memory by Maestro fidardense Gervasio Marcosignori, the World Accordion Oscar that Farfisa was demonstrator from 1947 to 1984. “When he was not on tour on the most prestigious stages, he was a constant presence in the company”, recalls his friend Claudio Capponi. The Municipal Administration received the participants for an institutional greeting at 9.30 am at the Salone degli Stemmi; to follow there was the projection of the Farfisa musical historical films and the visit of the city Museums. In the afternoon, at 6.00 pm, concert by the maestro Giuliano Cameli, world accordion champion, and the Swing trio group with the masters Pino Gulizia on the Farfisa transparent piano, Dalila Maretti on percussion, Simone Giorgini on the double bass.

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