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bossobiondini-lateraliYou write PIF International Prize in Castelfidardo, you read great stars, and what a kind of stars! On September 23th at 21:15, Fabrizio Bosso, a trumpeter among the bests in the world (counted on the fingers of one hand), will rises on the most appreciated stage by accordionists of all nations, the Astra Theatre of Castelfidardo, strucked by his encounter “Face to Face” with the accordion of an extraordinary champion how the… Spoletine (by Spoleto, Umbria region) Luciano Biondini.
Two stars of the international firmament, each of them with an individual technique that all the world envy them, and life paths that cross themselves a lot of times.
Both lives music in family since childhood: “when I was 5 (years old), having broken the first two plastic trumpets, my parents bought me a real one,” says Fabrizio Bosso to fisarmonica.tv microphones (the platform, with pifcastelfidardo.it that collects information, interviews and reports on events and protagonists of the Castelfidardo competition), while Biondini recalls how his great-grandfather already improvising poems accompanying himself with the accordion. Both have a talent that the world recognizes soon: Biondini gets young the favor of the dreaded jury in Castelfidardo, and Bosso, at 26 , critics call him the best jazz talent.
for a short period, musically they went different ways. Biondini undergoes a voluntary stop before rediscovering his instrument in a jazz version; while Bosso spreads ranges from pop to jazz, to funk collaborations with great naturalness. “I’ve always been open to contaminations – admits the artist from Turin – The meeting between trumpet and accordion is very unusual, but the accordion, especially with players such as Luciano, is a percussion instrument that gives a strong rhythmic support. Sometimes it may seems to feel more tools. ” The strength and the pathos that fill the musical temperaments of these two exceptional artists qualify a wide project as “Face to Face” that moves between the aesthetics of jazz references, free improvisations and Mediterranean influences.
Since each note emerges “The desire and the pleasure of sharing moments of life as well as art” and on stage it feels good. The mood is yet in the experiences of both musicians: songs already in the repertoire of Bosso, others signed by Biondini, standards and improvised pieces, but always pieces with recognizable melodic structures. The sharing of a broad spectrum of stylistic references, from boppistic to the Mediterranean traditions, the natural inclination towards free improvisation and a deep adherence to the duo’s formula, make this musical encounter a fertile and exciting moment of cultural exchange.
A dialogue between equals, in which there is not a leader, but a functional interplay always accomplished expression of the musical discourse.
Accordionist measured and with an impeccable touch, Biondini has its own mature language of one who has a deep knowledge of the modern jazz tradition and a historical entirely personal revisionism. Bosso, versatile and multifaceted trumpeter, arrived to a valuable artistic intensity, accompanies him in this research, between an impetuosity and a delicate alchemy infused in his sound. The strength and the pathos that fill their musical temperaments give life to a project where all their skill, artistry and stylistic and compositional maturity is expressed at the maximum power.
It will be a privilege to meet them “Face to Face”, on September 23th at Castelfidardo.

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