Emiliano Giaccaglia and the free lessons of the Civic school of music “Soprani”

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maestro Giaccaglia lezioni  piano ARCHIVIO 2013The artistic director of  the Civic school of music “Soprani” Emiliano Giaccaglia is among the jurors,his band’s will play  in the night of music. Free lessons during the PIF. A reality more and more rooted in the territory, lively, open to new ideas and collaborations: “Be a music monster, Pif4You (ng)” is the slogan with which the civic school of music Paolo Soprani announces the opening of registration for the new year academic and active participation in the international Prize of the Accordion. “We are a growing reality, which starts from a hard core of 300 attending, about 20 teachers, a broad spectrum of courses and the satisfaction of having already led to a number of graduate students in the seven years since,” says Emiliano Giaccaglia for the first time will also be part of the jury of the PIF, one of the few non accordionists, but an high-profile pianist that will provide the added value of a different view. “The school is entered in the event in three directions – explains Giaccaglia -: promotes free lessons for children under 18 years of age; is involved with the Accordion ensemble conducted by Riganelli in the delivery of the scholarship Mimmo Orlandoni and concert Thursday, 18 master’s Cesare Chiacchieretta that the award for performers won it in 1993, playing in the streets in the night of music on Saturday, 20 with stable band that will accompany the students singing and modern jazz. “A busy schedule which is accompanied by the resumption of enrollment proposals ranging from music for babies (0-36 months) for the music for the game (4-6 years), on the other hand to the instrument, resulting in improvement of academies now proven authority, such as the Academy lyric “Mario Binci” and the piano Academy Unison: A fan that will meet all your needs and target, the pupil amateur to professional. “Our story is a young story, that has in the community and in Rossini Piano founding members, establishing itself quickly by looking at the time to evolve constantly introducing new: This year we strengthen the classes of accordion and double bass and drum insert frame. “How much experience as part of the jury of the PIF in the classical section for the teacher Giaccaglia “is an adventure novel and challenging, despite having already lived in the shoes of a teacher or a juror in other types of national and international competitions.” To seize the opportunity of the (free of charge) classes of instrument is sufficient to show up at the times indicated below, or contact information for the 0717823305 – civicamusica.soprani@libero.it. The office is open for enrollments in the days of Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 17:30 to 19:30 and Thursday from 10:00 to 12:00. lezionigratuite

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