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The PIF 2019 proposes this year a main theme “Once upon a time … the accordion and the world of fairy tales” to intrigue and attract new generations to the accordion and the whole reed family. The past generation lived the instrument as something “extremely” popular, a sensation unknown to today’s young people who do not know it at all. The idea of ​​making a “drawing” competition seemed perfect because it is aimed precisely at the very young, or the generation of the future. The drawing must be realized on the fantastic theme of the festival by including at least one image of the accordion to invite the candidates to observe it, know it and then keep it in memory.

We invite you to contribute to the dissemination of this initiative by requesting the paper or downloading the PDF from this link.


Competition for young people up to 12 years (born in 2007 or later) of any country. There are no entrance fees and the closing date is 31 July 2019.
Candidates must create a drawing that interprets the theme in a personal way, including at least one image of the “accordion” (also reworked). You can use any artistic technique. The drawings must have a TITLE and be SIGNED.
Entries must be made on the www.pifcastelfdardo.it site on a special page where you can enter the data of the candidate and the parent (or guardian responsible) who will also discuss the release of the images for the purposes of the competition. In the form provided there will be the procedure to send the scan of the work which must be in JPEG (.jpg) format and must not exceed 3 Mb.
At the end of the registrations, an EXPERT COMMISSION will analyze the works and select from a minimum of 25 to a maximum of 50 works. At a later stage an online voting system will be set up for the proclamation of the WINNING OPERA.
The young winner will be assigned a CASTELFIDARDO’S ACCORDION and will be invited to collect it during the “International Accordion Award” which will take place from 18 to 22 September 2019 in Castelfidardo.

Drawing contest

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