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the PIF promotes the aggregation of multiple fields and multiple international origins and as such cannot avoid stimulating the development and improvement of the “accordion” instrument. With this in mind, this year # PIF2020 will promote the edition of a book entitled “ACCORDION: THE COLORS THAT WILL COME”

Under the supervision of the PIF artistic director Renzo Ruggieri, we asked everyone to try their hand at this adventure, collecting their impressions, documenting the critical issues and, above all, offering their experiences with a view to “dreaming”, because the dream – even when it seems impossible – it always shows new paths and new perspectives to follow.

These are the articles on the work.

. Accordion: architecture of the future (PATRIZIA ANGELONI)
A cultured and reasoned analysis of the condition of the accordion in our times which however leaves room for interesting implications.

. The voices that will come (LORENZO ANTONELLI)
The experience of an established craftsman guides us towards a different vision of the construction of the reed.

. The accordion of the future, a polyphonic waltz (CARMELO MARIO LANZAFAME with the collaboration of CARLO CASABIANCA)
Interviews and curiosities in this article related to the world of Popular Music.

. Present and future, young accordionists speak (MIRANDA CORTES)
A survey with modern accordion schools serves as a starting point for a reasoned reflection on future teaching.

. New concert performers (LORIS DOUYEZ)
A young concert performer interviews as many young concert performers of the future.

. We look to the future with optimism (FRIEDRICH LIPS)
The great experience of one of the greatest accordionists in the world, thinks about the future with optimism.

. The missing link (GIUSEPPE MANFREDI)
An engineer-musician helps us to understand with simplicity the mechanisms that regulate the physical laws around the accordion.

. The future of the digital accordion (JOSEPH NATOLI)
The digital accordion is a reality described with rigor by a great specialist on the subject.

. Composition for accordion: what future? (RENZO RUGGIERI)
The multifaceted artist interviews contemporary composers on the future of accordion composition.

. Better e-learning than nothing (HERBERT SCHEIBENREIF)
Established teacher and musicologist, Scheibenreif tackles the theme of distance learning for accordion.

. Archetypes for a futuristic accordion (ANDREA STRACCIALINI)
A design school asked its students to “invent” new accordions, neglecting the technical aspects.

We hope that this edition will stimulate the creativity of all operators who revolve around the accordion. The book is available free of charge in ITALIAN / ENGLISH version CLICKING HERE

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  • Walter Gialdi


    Excelente producción .


  • Oto Mello


    I order this book when it becomes available. “ACCORDION: THE COLORS THAT WILL COME”
    Thank you, Oto Mello


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