Chinese Sights and Sounds 炎黄风情

with Tian Jia’nan

September 13th, 2023 – 5,30 pm

Castelfidardo, Salone degli Stemmi

For more information, write to or call 071 7822987.

CHINESE SIGHTS AND SOUNDS is a large-scale orchestral suite of 24 Chinese folk songs composed and premiered by the famous composer Prof. Bao Yuankai in 1991. In 2021, with his permission, TIAN JIA’NAN adapted the entire set of suite in a series of accordion solos, successfully presenting the artistic beauty and dazzling techniques of these works, each with its own charm, a unique legacy of traditional Chinese culture.

Based on 24 folk songs that have been popular for centuries among the 6 suites – “Stories from the land of ancient Yan and Zhao, sketches of the Yunnan plateau, joys and sorrows of the Loess plateau, mountain songs of the Bashu region , drizzle south of the Yangtze River, seasons in the Taihang Mountains”, is a showcase of the life of the Chinese people living in the east and west, north and south, including the joys and sorrows of each generation. Fourth Suite: Mountain songs of the Bashu region. This concert presents a musical and colorful picture of Chinese ethnics with three of the total 6 suites: “Mountain Songs from the Bashu Region”, “Drizzle South of the Yangtze River”, “Seasons in Taihang Mountains”.

Tian Jia’nan, born in 1994, began studying accordion at the age of four and a half. She studied with Professor Cao Xiaoqing in 2005 and was admitted to the Central Conservatory of Music in 2006, with a history of middle and high school, undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies in music. In 2021, Tian obtained the first professional PhD in performance and became an instructor at CCOM. From 2014 to 2020, Tian also majored in composition and received a bachelor’s degree, with the outstanding achievement of her composition piece with symphony orchestra ranking third among all graduate work.

Tian has won a total of 34 prizes in performance competitions (including 23 first prizes, including 8 first prizes in the fields of classical, popular and chamber music ever won by a Chinese first-time musician), 8 prizes in composition (including 5 first prizes), and has released 4 solo albums and 1 chamber music album. Tian is the fourth winner among all students of the Central Conservatory of Music to receive the national Baosteel Outstanding Student Scholarship and the first to be selected as a candidate of the Chinese College Students of the Year, a great honor for both his Alma Mater that the Chinese history of the development of accordion specialties.

Tian has been a judge for more than a few international competitions held in Canada, Portugal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, etc. She has been invited to give concerts in Spain, Germany, America and Canada, where her performance is accompanied by the Gnessin Youth Symphony Orchestra, the Voltland Philharmonic Orchestra of Germany and the Civic Symphony Orchestra of Canada respectively. She was commissioned by China’s Ministry of Culture to conduct a visit to the United States for academic exchange, and was the first ambassador of accordion culture appointed by the International Confucius Institute. As an instructor of accordion majors of CCOM, her students have participated in domestic and international competitions and won more than 40 awards, and her individual scientific research project has been funded by China National Arts Fund for her title of accordion. “Young Talents of Art Stage” in 2023. In 2014 she won the PIF of Castelfidardo.