PIF 2020: also this year rich jackpots for all the winners!

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Almost 17,000.00 EURO in scholarships. This year the PIF is making a generous prize pool available to the winners of the various categories. The inevitable cancellation of many music festivals / competitions does not allow the assignment of international prize concerts but almost all the SPECIAL AWARDS announced at the beginning of the year remain.

Here are the SCHOLARSHIPS of the OFFICIAL categories:

  • CLASSIC AWARD category (1st € 3000.00, 2nd € 1000.00, 3rd € 500.00)
  • CLASSIC COMPOSITION category (1st € 1000.00, 2nd € 500.00, 3rd € 250.00)
  • JAZZ category (1st € 1000.00, 2nd € 500.00, 3rd € 250.00)
  • PIAZZOLLA AWARD category (1st € 1000.00, 2nd € 500.00, 3rd € 250.00)
  • WORLD category (1st € 1000.00, 2nd € 500.00, 3rd € 250.00)
  • VIRTUOSO category (1st € 500.00, 2nd € 250.00, 3rd € 150.00)
  • MARCOSIGNORI AWARD category (1st € 300.00, 2nd € 200.00, 3rd € 100.00)

To the YOUNG category goes:

  • an accordion of Castelfidardo to the most voted video.
  • A prize awarded to a candidate of the Municipal Administration of Castelfidardo, of € 300.00.
  • A.M.M.A. Award to the younger musician, of € 200.00.

There are many other SPECIAL AWARDS (more details here) in scholarships / purchase vouchers to have an accordionfrom our sponsors: Accordions Worldwide, Luma-Suite, Ars Spoletium, Pasco Italia, Dino Baffetti, Master-Midi, Bugari Armando, Proloco, Pagani Editore. 

Also,  prize-concerts in: Accordion International Festival of San Vincenzo La Costa (Cosenza, Italy), Ascolipicenofestival (Ascoli Piceno, Italy), Jazz Accordion Festival (Castelfidardo, Italy).

We take this opportunity to remind you about the deadline of August, 20th,  for sending videos for SELECTIONS. Here are some tips:

  • the video must contain the whole figure of the accordionist / group;
  • the video must have been made in 2020;
  • the video can consist of recordings made on different days;
  • the selection program can be repeated in the final;
  • the selection jury is the same as in the final phase;
  • there are no scores at this stage but only preferences;
  • the video made must be put online (Youtube, Facebook, etc.) and its complete address (Internet Link) inserted in the registration form.

Complete regulations are here.

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  • Robert Wojciechowski


    Hello. I am writing from Poland regarding my son’s entry to MTP 2020. Where on the website can I find the application form or how can I submit it to the competition. I also can’t find the account number to which I should pay money for the participation. Regards Robert.


    • PIF


      Hello! You can find the application form from the top menu of the homepage; click on “subscription” and choose the category you want to subscribe (within August, 31th). Regarding payments, you can send an email to the Pro Loco of Castelfidardo .


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