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The special Live Streaming edition of this year, not being able to give space to more than 50 candidates, included a category for young people up to 18 years (cat. YOUNG) who wanted to represent a party. Not a real COMPETITION then but a chance to let the public listen to the many videos (over 50) arrived from
all over the world.

I chose THE PUBLIC VOTE precisely because I wanted to prefer the wide visibility and diffusion of the various accordion cultures. This also means that would win not the best young artist but the most appreciated one. To favor some particularly gifted candidates, I also added special prizes such as: Prize of the Municipal Administration of Castelfidardo, Prize for the Youngest Competitor, Special Mentions from the Jury.

Animated by good intentions – we of the team – however, we have ascertained some fraudulent attempts to rig the voting system. For these reasons, I decided to suspend the old system and to modify it, according to these characteristics:

a) Zeroing (complete reset to zero) of all previous votes;

b) Next voting will take place on pre-established days from 09:00 on Saturday 12nd September to 24:00 on Wednesday 16th September;

c) the reference page will always be the same:

PIF2020 | Categoria Young/Young Category

which, however, will refer to a FACEBOOK page where you will find the VIDEOS on which you can put your preferences (by LIKE). In this case each will cast only one vote;

d) If other technical problems should arise, I will activate an international jury;

We understand the desire to win and we deeply appreciate the great interest in our competition, but the YOUNG category remains for us an ACCORDION PARTY, where young people “tell us” that nothing can stop the music.

Renzo Ruggieri
(AD PIF 2020)

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