Antonio Spaccarotella, young and brilliant new artistic director of the PIF

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It will be the Calabrian maestro Antonio Spaccarotella to ferry PIF 2021 towards the new era that has remapped the global canons of the accordion. From 22 to 26 September next, thanks to the choice of the mayor Roberto Ascani and the councilor Ruben Cittadini, as always forward-looking, to rely on the youngest artistic direction ever, Castelfidardo will show a new key to reading and vision of the International Accordion Award with a very young artistic director who has the increasingly rare feature of impressing an original and connotating trait in his projects.

The master Spaccarotella, in fact, boasts a curriculum and an artistic career that is decidedly important in the music scene. Holder of the chair of accordion at the Conservatory of Music of Catanzaro P.I. Tchaikovsky, production director of the Calabrian Philharmonic Orchestra, one of the most popular emerging orchestras on the international scene, has also given concerts in 40 countries and advanced training courses in the most prestigious universities and conservatories in the world.

For some time he has been working on the enhancement and research of new languages ​​of the accordion repertoire in order to promote and return to sensitize young people to listening to music and to seize opportunities for social inclusion and the world of work.

Deep connoisseur and constant protagonist of the Award, the master Spaccarotella has great respect and gratitude for the many editions that have forged and made it what it is today. For this reason he has in mind to give an innovative imprint that is, at the same time, respectful of the traditional vision, convinced that the balance between the two souls of the accordion is essential for the relaunch of the instrument in the didactic, artistic and commercial context.

PIF2021 will therefore be the opportunity to rediscover the distinctive sign and sense of belonging that have made the accordion of Castelfidardo great in the world and, on the 160th anniversary of the Unification of Italy, which began precisely from the famous battle of Fidel, to return to Astra Theater after a long time and experience it for the first time in a collective Risorgimento.

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