Italy – Born in Sapri, a town located in the Gulf of Policastro (province of Salerno), in 1990 and at the age of 7 years thanks to his father Rocco (even his teacher), he began his study of the diatonic accordion.
Well knowned for its technical speed (unmatched in faster changes) and adapted for the use of the five fingers. At age 10 began to participate in competitions and festivals of organ and, in 2002, manages to rank among the top prizes of the category C to 7 ° Italian championship organ held in Ruoti (PZ). In the following years can achieve much more prestigious results, type the 1st place in the category D with points 99/100 to the national competition Futani (SA) in 2003. At the age of 14 years form a group with the current Maestro Paul Vertullo (still also work together to record works) and Pasquale Fortunato (organ player and bass player).
He began studying piano under the guidance of The Chamber Orchestra of Flavio. In 2006 continues the chain of triumphs with the excellent results obtained in Colliano (SA) at the 10th edition of the Italian championship where organ with 99/100 is ranked first overall in category D. The following year, in the municipalities of Mompeo and Salisano (RI), reached the highest podium at the 11th Italian championship organ graduating so ITALIAN CHAMPION 2007 for “junior” and selected as regulation, participates in July in Trentino at the 16th World championship organ and even here, despite being the first participation at the highest competition for accordion, he manages to win the title of WORLD CHAMPION in category “junior” in a tie with Slovenian Niko Poles.
Its always uphill continuous career, in fact, was the guest of honor at various events such as the 25th anniversary of Beltuna (note accordions and accordions) factory on the occasion of the 32nd International Festival of the Accordion Castelfidardo (AN), the International event “Z armoniku V ROC” in Istria (Croatia), and many more.
By the age of 17 years he is registered as a composer at the SIAE and collaborates with Masters of organ and accordion, and accordion factories as Baffetti and Beltuna. He currently teaches and participates with his students at competitions, contests and championships of accordions, with excellent results, in fact, in 2010 one of his pupils, Carmine Manfredi, winning the title of Italian Champion accordion-junior 2010. Already active creator of a CD with his group in 2006, in 2010 he released his single with several original songs.