JOSE’ VALENTE, Portugal enters the hall of fame at PIF 2016

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A smiling and excited Jose Valente, 27 year-old from Lisbon, wins the PIF 2016. Student of the Royal Danish Academy with M° Geir Draugsvoll, which last year led too Hanzhi Wang up to victory. (INTERVIEW) He’s the first Portuguese to enroll in the prestigious gold award for concert performers.
His latin soul well marries with the expressive “singable” of the compulsory piece “White Shadows composed by the president of the jury M° Fabrizio De Rossi Re (INTERVIEW) and interpreted with passion in the final live (PHOTOGALLERY) spectacularly accompanied by the String Orchestra of the Conservatory of Fermo, directed by M°Moles. (AWARD CEREMONY AND PERFORMANCE) “Castelfidardo is a flagship in the international scene, an heritage to be protected: the high level of competitors put us in serious difficulty about the selection – says M° De Rossi Re -; this exhibition is an extraordinary springboard and an ideal showcase for an increasingly agile and challenging competition: the accordion is a true star of our time. “Valente preceded the impeccable while Mao Junhao and Vladimir Stupnikov, representatives of the Chinese and Russian school.
Overall, the results accrued in the three days of Castelfidardo draws a world map that shows how the instrument is spreading everywhere, and enjoy an excellent health. On the highest steps of the podium climb Brazilian, Danish, Russian, Moldovan and Lithuanian, breaks the news of Portugal, stated the Italian school who won three heavy hits (Alessandro Pagliari, best under 15 in the classic, the Ethnoduo in the world music section, Lecce Accordion Project in the chamber music) and many flattering placings with the young Andrea Coruzzi, Michele Bianco, Valerio Russo and groups like the Bareté Jazz Quartet and the Sangineto’s Duo. “This is the confirmation of a great vitality of the movement and that Castelfidardo attracts from around the world – said the artistic director M° Christian Riganelli, thanking the organizers coordinated by the City -; the artistic quality was so significant that the placings in some cases are decided on the edge of cents. And it is a great satisfaction to have seen so much participation, attention and energy even in the niche concerts”.
34 countries, four continents, one language: the language of music. This is the glamour of the PIF identity that makes proud and throbbing a little town, close around its symbol and its identity. “Music unites and it is an honor to host this crossroads of peoples and cultures”, commented the Mayor Roberto Ascani that, with all the city council has entered enthusiastically started this year, entering into this beautiful 41st innovative elements – such as soundArtcorners – with a positive impact. The accordion then comes out from a week of events raising the image of a multifaceted tool that fits in a variety of situations and different artistic contexts renewing emotions, suggestions and collaborations that will serve as a liaison to the appointment of 2017 (21 -24 September).


Classical Award/PIF
1) Valente Josè (Portugal) (VIDEO ESIBIZIONE)
2) Mao Junhao (China) (VIDEO ESIBIZIONE)
3) Stupnikov Vladimir (Russia) (VIDEO ESIBIZIONE)

Concert performances at Mons (Belgium), Kragujevac (Serbia), Rostov (Russia), Alcobaca (Portogallo) to José Valente
Concert performance at Roma (Italy) toRaffaele Damen

Category A | Soloists up to 12 years (born in 2004 or later)
1) Vozbutas Jonas (Lithuania)  (VIDEO ESIBIZIONE)
2) Naixin Zhang (China)
3) Aljaž MAURIC (Slovenia)

Gisela Dolling Scholarship to Emma Maximenko (Bielorussia)

Category B | Soloists up to 15 years (born from 2001 onwards)
1) Pagliari Alessandro (Italia) (VIDEO ESIBIZIONE)
2) Polnik Krzysztof (Poland)
3) Kiriukhin Arsenii (Russia)

Category C | Soloists up to 18 years (born after 1998)
1) Radu Ratoi (Moldavia) (VIDEO ESIBIZIONE)
2) Galinurov Timur (Russia)
3) Coruzzi Andrea (Italy)

Marcosignori Scholarship to Radu Ratoi (Moldavia)

Category D | Soloists without age limit
1) Adrshin Artur (Russia) (VIDEO ESIBIZIONE)
2) Ceganjac Dusan (Serbia)
3) Bianco Michele (Italy)

Giuseppe Cingolani Scholarship to  Ceganjac Dusan (Serbia)
Concert performance at Klinghental to Adrshin Artur (Russia)
Concert performance at Ascolipicenofestival (Italy) to Michele Bianco

Category E | Chamber music, accordion ensembles without age limit
1) Lecce Accordion project (Italy) (VIDEO ESIBIZIONE)
2) Ítríó (Iceland)
3) Ochwat&Zimka Duo (Poland)

Category F | Chamber music (chamber music ensembles of accordions and other instruments)
1) Mischa duo (Denmark) (VIDEO ESIBIZIONE)
2) Vio – Dion Duo (Poland)
3) Korali duo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Giuseppe Cingolani Scholarship to Korali Duo
Concert performance at Cuneo (Italy) to Khymeia Ensemble (Italy)

Category H | Varietè, Soloists up to 18 years
1) De Almeida Gustavo Aliandre (Brazil) (VIDEO ESIBIZIONE)
2) Russo Valerio (Italy)
3) Gatte Diego (France)

Category Varieté | Soloists without age limit
1) GuerreiroJoao Filipe (Portugal)  (VIDEO ESIBIZIONE)
2) Baudin Jean Baptiste (France)
3) Wang Xiao (China)

Category L | groups, no age limit
1) not assigned
2) Bareté Jazz Quartet (Italy)
3) Els Assossegats (Spain)

Category M | World music, Groups, no age limit
1) Ethnoduo (Italy) (VIDEO ESIBIZIONE)
2) Sangineto’s duo (Italy)
3) Kalinka (Russia)

Mario Moreschi Scholarship to Ethnoduo (Italy)
Concert performance at Adriatico Mediterrano Festival (Italy) to Cerseyo (Italy)

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