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After the Jazz Accordion Festival, from 11th to 14th May 2017 another card is added to the exciting and varied puzzle of the events promoted by PIF Castelfidardo to enhance the accordion. The first WOW Folk Festival (where wow is the acronym of World On World) collects the fruits of the popular tradition of which the diatonic accordion is the queen. A rich calendar of free admission events including storytellers, folklore performances, free folk dance lessons, concerts, pizzica and taranta from Salento. Preview on April 28th with the double concert of Orquestrina Trama.


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The mandatory piece of Premio category (DOWNLOAD THE SCORE , at bar 139 the right hand plays a natural Do)) is called Diatessaron and this is composed for PIF2017 by M° Angelo Biancamano (DOWNLOAD mp3 only orchestra, DOWNLOAD mp3 accordion and orchestra).
Maestro Bancamano was born in Camerano, the city just a few kilometers from Castelfidardo closely linked to the history of the accordion. He giving concerts and composing alongside teaching

Accordi[on]Stage Academy

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PIF2017 promotes research and study of chamber music for accordion with ACCORDI[on]STAGE Academy, reserved for classes of Accordion, Chamber Music and Music Together of the Conservatories. One or more students of the accordion class will

Castelfidardo Jazz Accordion Festival

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A new accordion music festival vibrates under the PIF’s quality mark: “Jazz Accordion Festival” from 7th to 11th December at Castelfidardo.

Jazz Accordion Festival: the Department of Culture of the City Council is launching a new exhibition which binds with a red thread all events under the seal of quality…

JOSE’ VALENTE, Portugal enters the hall of fame at PIF 2016

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A smiling and excited Jose Valente, 27 year-old from Lisbon, wins the PIF 2016. Student of the Royal Danish Academy with M° Geir Draugsvoll, which last year led too Hanzhi Wang up to victory. (INTERVIEW) He’s the first Portuguese to enroll in the prestigious gold award for concert performers.
His latin soul well marries with the expressive “singable” of the compulsory piece “White Shadows


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pitularita-sliderPitularita, aka Remy (violin, accordion) and Vincent Boniface (sax, clarinet, bagpipes, accordion), are the fifth generation of musicians within the well-known family as the core of the historic Trouveur group Valdotèn. Their music, scheduled to #PIF2016 as a concert and workshop (free admission) on the day dedicated to World Music (go to the program), is the spontaneous expression of a couple of musicians brothers, grew together the sound of the Alps, where you find their…


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bossobiondini-lateraliYou write PIF International Prize in Castelfidardo, you read great stars, and what a kind of stars! On September 23th at 21:15, Fabrizio Bosso, a trumpeter among the bests in the world (counted on the fingers of one hand), will rises on the most appreciated stage by accordionists of all nations, the Astra Theatre of Castelfidardo, strucked by his encounter “Face to Face” with the accordion of an extraordinary champion how the…